Why not commit to yourself? Get your confidence back, gain strength, aerobic capacity and feel good again! Let’s commit to the process together.

Love the process, trust the process”

Mean Green Fitness can help you gain the knowledge, strength and abilities to take your fitness to the next level and help you avoid the mistakes that some folks can make along the way.

By committing to yourself, and the program, you can transform your body and your mind. Working out should not feel like a job. The program focuses on the process of reaching your fitness goals, and learning to love the process of becoming a better version of yourself.

Success Stories

side by side of woman with fitness results

Loving my work outs! ❤️ 💪 The best part it's on your schedule, just remember the more you commit yourself the better results you will see! Oh, and let me tell you, my butt is starting to feel amazing lmao 😆

side by side of woman with fitness results

Here's what one year's worth of hard work and dedication can do for you. Turn your baby body into a lean, mean machine. Success isn't given, it's earned. Time to get to work!

side by side of woman with fitness results

Transformation is happening ❤️ Mean Green Fitness. I love noticing the difference in my strength already and seeing the changes begin in/on my body. So, the answer is I WANT IT BAD. And I'm going to continue this journey and watch the awesome happen!

What are you waiting for?

Coaching Packages

All coaching packages include warm up/stretching, primary training plan, and cool down exercises, and access to Mean Green Fitness online communities where all members can discuss their training and diet plans.

  • fitness assessment
  • goal planning consultation
  • custom primary training plan
  • warm up/stretching routines
  • cool down/stretching routines
  • repeated progress assessment
  • access to online communities & social media forums
  • access to full, personal online coaching throughout the process

Get Started

Do you have questions? Not sure if this program is right for you? Contact us and our fitness experts will be happy to answer any concerns or questions.